Episode 088

On this week’s episode: James and Stefan quickly talk about Mobile World Congress now that it’s been a week and they’ve had time to digest the news. Google finally fixes Gmail for iOS so that it can download email in the background. Flipboard buys Zite. Samsung stops cheating on benchmarks. Cortana is to Windows Phone what Siri is to iOS. Ashton Kutcher is working on Lenovo tablets, not smartphones. And lastly, what’s Facebook going to do with WhatsApp?

It’s also worth mentioning that the two repeatedly refer to this episode as “Episode 089” during the program. They obviously can’t count.

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[Episode 088, 34 minutes, 49 seconds, 31.9 MB]

Show Notes:

Episode 088

2 thoughts on “Episode 088

  1. I just have to say that I agree that flaps over USB ports are annoying. I had a Nokia E63 back in 2009, it had a flap and even though it didn’t even charge over USB, it was annoying whenever I needed to connect it to a computer. But I loved that phone, the keypad was amazing.
    Also, do either of you have thoughts on the placement on the USB port? (side, bottom or top). I used to think the bottom was best until I got a Nokia 808. Its just easier, especially when you want to charge it in a car and put the phone in a cup holder without the screen being upside down.

    1. Ah, yes – I remember the flaps on the old Nokia devices, there were a few phones that had them if I remember rightly. The E-series, definitely.

      Re USB ports, it’s one of those things that I wish that, along with MicroUSB charging, was standardised across all devices. The peripheral market would be huge.

      To Stefan’s point in the podcast, wireless would’ve been useful (and transferable). But having to get a new cradle every time you upgrade (non-iPhone) devices is a bit pants.

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