Episode 087

Mobile World Congress 2014: Nokia went Android, Samsung went limp, Sony went awesome, and a whole lot more. James and Stefan usually keep the show at no longer than 30 minutes, but an exception had to be made to cover the mobile industry’s largest trade show. Also, make sure to watch this YouTube video explaining Project Tango, because it’s impossible to do this technological achievement justice using just words.

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[Episode 087, 41 minutes, 52 seconds, 38.3 MB]

Episode 087

11 thoughts on “Episode 087

  1. rcadden says:

    Was I the only one disappointed in the lack of announcements at CES and MWC around wireless charging? Samsung included it as a backhanded last-minute accessory mention for the S5 (Oh yeah, we’ll have a qi back cover, sure).

  2. Dave Hart says:

    So much Samsung hate from Stefan.
    You have lost me.
    Not that Stefan cares as I’m not in love with the yet unannounced iPhone 6.

  3. johnA says:

    (Copy of post from Twitter)
    @Whatleydude @whatthebit I was so annoyed after listening to all the hyperbole about the new S5. If someone didn’t know any different, listening to ye, they would think it was a terrible phone. Just because it may seem boring to ye, DOES NOT make it a ‘piece of shit’ or something along those words that were used. That’s such a reactionary opinion with no proper basis. And to suggest that there might be a Galaxy S6 before the end of the year just sounds plain crazy. Also to just dismiss all LG phones outright because of a subjective dislike for the software is again, doing your listeners a disservice, imo.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion. And yes, I understand that these were just yere opinions on the podcast. But it is probably the thing that annoys me most about bloggers; bashing really good products just because they didn’t excite ye enough. Fair enough, if they bore ye, but don’t call them ‘shit’ when they obviously aren’t!!

    Okay, rant over. Maybe my expectations of ye are too high sometimes and I should just chill.

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks for reposting the comment. Fair comments re the S5. Everything I’ve read says it’s not a bad iteration up from the S4 [including Stefan himself today], at the time though we both agreed that it was a lot less than the industry/community expected. We wanted Samsung to blow us away, and it didn’t. We’re not alone in this opinion, but I appreciate that it isn’t a terrible device. That said, the Galaxy S6/F/S5 Premium device rumours haven’t stopped since… We’re just reporting what we’re reading.

      LG phones, I’ve always heard good things about the G2 Pro (and up until recently, the Flex), I don’t think I was the one doing any dismissing but I’m going to listen to the show back again just to be sure.

      Like you’ve said, it’s all subjective. Our premise is ‘report the news, comment on the news, and have an interesting conversation on the way’. We do it because we enjoy it and I meant it, we really do like getting feedback. So thanks again for your comments.

      And thanks for remaining a listener! 😀

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