Episode 085

In this week’s episode: Is Nokia really launching an Android phone? Can we finally stop talking about Flappy Bird? What the hell is on the back of the HTC M8? Can Mozilla make people hate Firefox even more than they already do? Why is Pebble 2.0 not available to Android users? Will Windows Phone 8.1 actually be good? And a whole bunch of other questions that you’ve all submitted via Twitter.

As always, feedback is appreciated, and if you use iTunes to rate the program, then please rate it since it helps increase the number of people that will discover the sweet sound of James and Stefan bickering for half an hour every week.

[Episode 085, 35 minutes, 50 seconds, 31.9 MB]

Episode 085

4 thoughts on “Episode 085

  1. Mark says:

    James, you seem heavily committed to Google services. Personally if all Google services ceased tomorrow all I would miss is the maps, and those not badly. I also wonder if I would find that every web page had adverts related to my last search term less as well.

    Also, I do hope you really don’t leave your iPad Vodafone contract running beyond the minimum term without moving to SIM only (or even better PAYG on “3”). It is people who carry on paying once they have paid for their devices that makes the phone market addicted to device subsidy and poor people even poorer !

    1. Hey Mark,

      I chose Google Apps for my own personal domain a long time ago and I like the service a lot. Having a Google-centric lifestyle means Android is useful to me. This is further compounded by the fact that my employer uses Google Apps to power its email systems too (Google Hangouts for international meetings – woo!). While I would miss them if they disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t be that upset. The Google service I did end up caring about [perhaps too much] was Google Reader, that’s the only thing that has made genuinely cross when it disappeared. Such a useful tool. But yes, sorry. Committed? Maybe. Tied to, definitely 🙂

      Thanks for the tip re my iPad. I’ve got about 75 days left on my contract, but Vodafone let you upgrade at any point within that period. So no matter what I do, I’ve got the contract for another two and a half months. I just need to work out if it’s worth upgrading *now* or waiting until the new device that I’m after launches and getting a deal on them both.


      But you’re right, and I agree with you – I should’ve made that clearer re letting the contract run and run (I hate doing that).

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