Episode 080

James and Stefan are back! And for the first episode of 2014, they went a little long. Why? Because CES is currently taking place in Las Vegas, which means a ton of news, that and a record number of listeners have left questions. Questions such as how is James getting along with his new Pebble? What does Stefan think of his Moto G? And will Samsung continue to crush their competitors in 2014?

As usual, feedback is appreciated since it helps improve the show. So if you use iTunes, throw The Voicemail a couple of stars. Also, if you have any questions or comments specific to this episode, feel free to leave a comment below.

[Episode 080, 36 minutes, 31 seconds, 33.4 MB]

Episode 080

6 thoughts on “Episode 080

  1. edent says:

    You ask if anyone is interested in Samsung’s tablet announcements. I am.

    Not because I want any of them – but because I admire the company’s ability to say “here are 5,000 variations – pick the one you like!”

    It reminds me of Nokia in its hey-day when there were dozens of niche products each searching for a user. I *much* prefer that to the other approach of “You can have it in 16GB or 32GB, that’s it. Oh, alright, choose between black and white as well.”

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      Fair point, it’s just super hard to say anything conclusive on them without any prices. If that 8.4 inch TabPro ends up costing 400 Euros, then I’ll find it impossible to recommend to someone when they could just get a retina iPad mini instead.

      1. rcadden says:

        I can think of at least 5 reasons someone would choose an 8-inch Samsung Android tablet over a retina iPad mini.

        1. microSD card slot
        2. S-Pen and note taking functions are amazing
        3. IR port to control TVs
        4. Direct access to file system
        5. Not iOS -> don’t underestimate the power of this to a growing number of consumers

  2. rcadden says:

    Great episode, as per usual.

    A few comments:

    1. Samsung tablets – I may be the only one, but I found them rather confusing. The launch of the new ‘Pro’ branding is really confusing, IMO. I’m still hard-pressed to tell you the difference in Note and Tab, other than the inclusion of the pen. As for the tablets themselves, you’re right – no one cares. However, they’ll sell well. There are a lot of consumers who are bored with their iPads and want something else. Also, the integration that Samsung is doing with its other devices (TVs, etc) is not to be underestimated. They hold a LARGE portion of the TV market (at least in the U.S.) and iPads don’t do jack crap with your Samsung TV.

    2. Pebble Steel – it’s actually been confirmed that the Steel has double the internal memory of the OG Pebble. However, there’s still some discussion – the Pebble has an app limit of 8 right now, but apparently, that’s a soft limit – there’s more storage, they’re just not using it. So both watches could support more apps in the near future. However, I’ve got about 5 apps on my watch, and I hardly use 2 of them, so there’s that.

    There are a few reasons you might prefer the OG Pebble, though. One, is price – the Steel is *nearly* double the price (for good reason, but still, double). It would have been completely out of my price range for a watch. Also, the OG Pebble is so plain that a nice little cottage industry of skins has popped up. I’ve got a camo one on mine, but you can get more ‘classy’ ones, including brushed metal, woodgrain, etc. it’s much more personalizable, whereas the steel is…well…..not. There’s still some questions as to how changeable the bands on the Steel are – my OG Pebble can take literally ANY watchband that’s 22mm – rubber, silicone, cloth, velcro, metal, etc.

    3. James’ Pebble – I think what you were trying to communicate is that you love the Pebble because it disconnects you from your phone without disconnecting you from your life. It’s easy to just turn your phone off, but then you’re concerned about what notifications you may be missing. With the Pebble, you still get the notifications you want to get (user-selectable) so you can filter easily, AND you get the benefit that James described, of being forced to think through your responses more (or not being tempted to respond to some things).

    Anyways, glad James is enjoying it. Thanks for the shoutout, hope you found the links helpful.

    4. Stefan – Thanks for your thoughts on the Moto G. I’ve been tempted to pick one up just for kicks, but I need another phone laying around like I need a hole in my head.

    5. CES – interesting that we didn’t really hear anything about wireless charging at CES. Could be that it’s there, but no one cares – I sought out as much as I could last year.

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      Epic comment, thanks a lot for the feedback. Think of Samsung’s tablets like this: The TabPro models all have the same specs, you just get to pick 8.4 inch or 10.1 inch or 12.2 inch. The NotePro is just a 12.2 inch TabPro that has a stylus. That’s it, really.

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