Episode 078

Google’s launched two new “Google Play Edition” devices, rumors are stirring around of a LG G2 Mini, Galaxy Note 3 sales hit 10 million units, Qualcomm’s announced their first 64-bit smartphone chip, Nokia is (kind of, but not really) going Android, and Microsoft can’t make an ad to save their lives. All that plus listener questions on this week’s episode.

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[Episode 078, 34 minutes, 34 seconds, 31.7 MB]

Episode 078

5 thoughts on “Episode 078

  1. Hopefully, you’ll remember my question about achieving 10% Windows Phone marketshare for next week 🙂

    But another, related question: if Windows Phone isn’t going to be “the third ecosystem” for smartphones what do you think will be? Do we need a third ecosystem?

  2. 3rd ecosystem is Android (!!!) Yes, Android minus Google is what’s considered as the 3rd ecosystem; and folks like Amazon, Badiu, Cyogenmod, Jolla, et al who don’t care for the Open Handset Alliance run that direction. Especially if they have other service/UX points that make better sense for carriers and consumers who want Android’s pace, but not Google’s face.

    Question for our hosts would be then: what non-Google Android mobile would you prefer/use? Why? And why do you think that dependence on Google Play matters more than building an excellent product (LG, Sony, Samsung, etc. would be direction of that question).

  3. With only 3000 made, good luck James nicking a Hello Kitty Butterfly S from a Japanese school girl Shogun

    Stefan, your also right about the smart watches I can see Nokisoft making one. (I do hope so anyway)

    And +1 for Podcasts!

  4. Whatleydude! James! Dude! Kind Sir!

    I’ve been rocking an LG G2 for nearly a week now (got it on Three). This is my second dip into Android (since Samsung SG2) and gotta say, I’m seriously impressed with this beast.


    THE SCREEN – Its big, beautiful and sharp. The edge to edge display just makes you feel like you’re holding nothing but a display in your hand. I just want to lick her and call her pretty.

    THE BATTERY (!) – the battery on the G2 is AWESOME*. I’ve never actually used a handset that lasts as long. I can manage a full day and get home on 50%+ and thats with wifi, bluetooth, above average screen brightness. I challenge you James to flatten the battery in a normal day.

    KNOCK ON – A big, fat, slimy gimmick but ‘KnockOn’ is one of the best things ever. Double tap the screen to unlock, double tap again to lock. You will learn to hate buttons.

    SLICK – last on the list, but equally important – this handset FLIES like the wind. Nothing slows it. Its just super fast. Productivity’s friend.

    I wont bore you with anymore, but seriously, if you’re thinking of getting a new Android, make it the LG G2.

    FYI this is written by a former iOS die-hard so that gives you some indication as to how slick, smooth and reliable this beast is.



    *bum-loving awesome!

  5. If you’re going to invite comments on a blog called “the voicemail” surely you should just get a free PAYG sim card, setup the voicemail, then give out the number – let people literally leave you voicemails.

    Then if you actually start getting some, start answering them but pretending to be the answer phone and then surprising them. That’s what I’d do. But I’m easily amused.

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