Episode 077

James is blown away that Three UK now has free roaming in the USA. Galaxy S5 rumors are starting to heat up. Nokia successfully got an HTC phone off the market due to patents. Phones are tablets are soon going to have a new kind of USB connector. And finally, Stefan offers up his initial impressions on the Galaxy Gear.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. If you use iTunes to listen to this program, please do rate it as it helps with discovery. And if James and Stefan get more listeners, then they’ll get more chocolate chip cookies.

[Episode 077, 31 minutes, 34 seconds, 28.9 MB]

Episode 077

10 thoughts on “Episode 077

    1. We record every Thursday morning, 99% of the time. Which means you’ll have a show every Friday. We could set up a mail alert thing maybe. I reckon a WP plugin could do it. I’ll mention it to Stefan next time we speak (or I’ll just let him read this and see what he thinks).

  1. Stefan – another smart watch for your consideration is the Qualcomm Toq. Pre-orders opened this week.

    The Toq has an e-ink screen, like the Pebble, which allows for always on without flattening the battery, except the Toq’s is colour.

    For me, the Pebble just edged it, and I’ve just ordered one, on the number of apps available for it and price (I’m not brilliant at looking after watches so I’d rather not have something super-expensive on my wrist).

  2. Interesting… the Galaxy Gear comments at least. Funny how experience makes you think a bit more realistically about the potential for wearable tech.

    I’d go back and ask my previous questions on wearables, Pebble, etc. but that’s just nitpicking. So, here’s your question for the next show: what makes the Gear/Pebble/Metawatch/Toq/Sony Smartwatch smart? Are they enabling something, connecting to something, or answering something that’s a pain point with communications or even mobile? Or, is the activity tracker space (Polar Loop, Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, etc.) pointing more towards smart wearable tech – smart being info that’s more usable – than what we are seeing aforementioned devices?

    1. And Stefan’s contact still hasn’t sent me one.

      PS. What [I imagine] makes a smartwatch ‘smart’, is that it’s running apps and talking to your phone and stuff, as opposed to plain old chronology purposes 😉

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