#XboxOne vs #PS4

In a break from our usual programming, James goes completely off-piste (and non-mobile) and calls up one of his video gamer friends, one Mr Mark Burstiner, in New York to talk about the burning issue on every gamer’s lips this winter: Which next generation console should I get?

If you’re still here and you’re still interested, then it might be good to know that all of this kicked off last week when James made his purchasing intentions clear in a blog post on his website. The subsequent Facebook commentary (still ongoing) is what prompted this 30 minute natter and … well …  we hope you enjoy it.

[Audio: 31 minutes, 49 seconds, 29.13 MB]

Warning: There’s hardly any mobile phone chat here whatsoever; in fact, this episode isn’t even Voicemail canon, so if you want to skip it, please do. Stefan and James will not be offended and will be back later in the week with Episode 074.

#XboxOne vs #PS4

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