Episode 073

Stefan has finally come back from his holiday, and James is eager to pelt him with questions about the three big pieces of news that he’s missed. That means the Nokia event in Abu Dhabi, the new iPads from Apple, and of course the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat. But don’t think this is a show about “old” news, James also shares his experiences with Lenovo’s newest tablets and his trip through Google’s mansion in North London.

Spoiler Alert: James used Glass for the first time.

As always, feedback is appreciated and it helps the show to improve. If you use iTunes to listen to the program, please do consider rating it since it helps more people discover the weekly 30 minutes of banter that James and Stefan so enjoy recording.

[Episode 073, 31 minutes, 26 seconds, 28.8 MB]

Episode 073

2 thoughts on “Episode 073

  1. Glad to have Stefan back.

    RE: Chromecast – I have one. Bought it day 1. It’s been……interesting. I already have an HTPC running XBMC hooked up to my TV, along with an Xbox 360, so initially, I didn’t have much reason to use it.

    HOWEVER, as they’ve added services, I’m using it more and more. Specifically, with Pandora, it’s awesome. As they continue to add services (Spotify, Vimeo, etc) it’s only going to get more and more useful. It’s still a *bit* sluggish, and for the time being, I’m running it off my old Nexus 7 that I wasn’t able to unload on Craigslist, so I’m not really using it the way most people would (cause most folks probably don’t have a tablet laying around to ONLY use for Chromecast….) but it’s still really nice.

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