Episode 072

The final week of Stefan’s 2013 record absences and James is joined by none other than the amazing, the astounding, the nothing-short-of-legendary, Rafe Blandford.

Rafe Blandford is awesome. Rafe is also one third of the 361 Degrees Podcast as well as editor-in-chief and co-founder of the All About websites; with his main base of operations these days over at All About Windows Phone.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, the geeky duo select an astonishing amount of news items to discuss, everything from Nokia actually making a profit through to LG phones that fit around your buttocks. Yes, that’s right – your buttocks.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of The Voicemail.

EDIT: here’s that ‘Android first‘ post that Rafe and James discuss towards the end. James promised to link to it, and he forgot.

[Episode 072, 34 minutes, 18 seconds, 32.9 MB]

Episode 072

6 thoughts on “Episode 072

  1. After finding out about this show from the All About websites today, I have been listening to it. I just have to say I have been enjoying it and I have subscribed with my podcast app.

    1. robinottawa says:

      I’ve been listening to them for a few weeks. They know their stuff, though they don’t always go into enough depth to back up some of their comments (imho). Rafe is a bit better at giving good context and details no matter if you give him 1 minute or 10, which is why I’m a fan of his. It was a very pleasant surprise to see him here. Thanks for inviting him, James.

  2. Listening to the show now. I really need to sit and chat mobile w/Rafe sometime. We have similar enough thoughts, and deep enough context that it would be just flat out enjoyable. Perhaps The Voicemail goes conference-silly one day and gets all the past guest co-hosts into one call (“lots of spewing t’commence” – spoken in my best British accent).

    Great show as always.

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