Episode 069

Nokia and Apple have gone ahead and double booked their press conferences for October 22nd. HTC has their own press conference on the 15th. And while Google hasn’t announced their little shindig yet, both James and Stefan know a new Nexus is coming this month. They also know that Windows Phone just isn’t for them, and they’re both tired of dealing with apologists for the platform.

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[Episode 069, 33 minutes, 39 seconds, 30.8 MB]

Episode 069

2 thoughts on “Episode 069

  1. Mark says:

    Windows phone doesn’t need apologists, it stands on it’s own merits.

    I can see why enthusiasts don’t like it and in some ways the ecosystem is like iOS was a couple of years ago but for “real people” as against phone enthusiasts it’s a reasonable alternative for the £100 – £200 PAYG phone or £10 – £20 contract.

    A friend got her Nokia 520 as a replacement for a previous Nokia C5-03 touch screen phone and after some conversion “how do you do this” issues is getting on well with it.

    I don’t think a cheap Samsung would have been a better experience and she likes the Sat Nav/Maps that don’t use up her (limited) data.

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