Episode 068

James is either out of town or he’s been mauled a bear, the internet isn’t really sure. Have no fear, however, because Ricky Cadden is here to take his place. In order to celebrate, Stefan the rambling savant put off discussing random news items and instead listened to Ricky geek out about 3D printers, Android ROMs, and Steve Ballmer crying. You don’t want to miss this one.

[Episode 068, 36 minutes, 25 seconds, 33.4 MB]

Episode 068

5 thoughts on “Episode 068

  1. Great podcast. Ricky was brilliant as usual. Every other guest has been great but he’s probably the only guest who did what Stefan usually does i.e. “For those of you don’t know about…” Very helpful.

    There’s been a lot of talk of app purchases this week and I think you’ll have discussed how much you’ll spend on apps/services on a previous episode. Do you stick to a limit of how much you spend on apps/services in a month? Do you think all apps/games will move towards the in-app purchase model that has been a massive success for Candy Crush?

  2. Good show guys.

    1. Ricky, GET A FRICKIN’ MIC.

    2. Ricky, what was the name of that mail app you mentioned that can work around Enterprise security? That sounds very interesting. Cheers.

    3. Stefan, Hi.

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