Episode 065

Topics discussed this week: The new iPhones! A Kickstarter for an external camera flash the size of a credit card. The sexiness that is the Nokia E71. More thoughts on Windows Phone. And listeners questions. Many, many listener questions.

Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated. Whether you love what James and Stefan do or want to kick them in the teeth, they’re interested in your thoughts.

Speaking of opinions, if you use iTunes to listen to The Voicemail, do rate the show. It helps attract a larger audience.

[Episode 065, 34 minutes, 25 seconds, 31.5 MB]

Episode 065

9 thoughts on “Episode 065

      1. Robin says:

        I just heard this show and have to agree with Keni. As I’ve said before, the onus is on the hosts to say why they don’t like something, to present the pros and cons, so the user can see the point of view. Saying it’s just your preference is a cop-out IF you’ve got a podcast show. People want to know why you experts don’t like it. And saying you have to push too many buttons is a bit lazy – WP8 is still young. I’m sure you don’t like everything about your own preferred OS but, yet, you still use it. Some analysis would be helpful, I think.

  1. My boss wants to know what it is that’s wrong with the 10 series Blackberries….she’s not sold on going back to Nokia/Symbian, needs WhatsApp and I’m telling her not to touch Windows Phones. So she’s not being left with many options 🙂

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