Episode 063

Stefan has a Nokia Lumia 925 in his pocket, what does he think of it? James finds out about the Nexus 4 price drop, does he surviving his ensuing heart attack? All that and talk about the HTC One Max, the Galaxy Note III, and some fond reminiscing of the summer that’s soon about to end are on this week’s episode.

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[Episode 063, 30 minutes, 12 seconds, 27.7 MB]

Episode 063

7 thoughts on “Episode 063

  1. Great show as always guys (and I finally got off my arse and rated you in iTunes too!)

    I’m curious about the Galaxy Gear and whatever other smart watches will be announced around IFA and look forward to listening to your coverage!

    IMHO, as long as smart watches are just glorified notification screens I suspect they’ll remain niche. However, I do think there’s neat stuff that could be done with a bit more imagination. For instance, I think they could be great for ticketing (public transport, flights, etc.) and shopping by displaying QR codes or having NFC integrated. The convenience of just showing or tapping your wrist rather than fumbling about pulling a phone out would be a real win. I know, I know, #FirstWorldProblems and all that but I for one would totally buy into that. 🙂

    I know you’ve touched on some of this stuff before, but I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on wearable tech. What kind of thing would be the killer app for you guys?

  2. Jon Nilsen says:

    Dear James and Stefan, thanks for a great podcast. Have a question for you:

    Nokia is among the very pioneers within cell phone development and mobile technology. Their patent portfolio is so substantial that e.g. apple pays royalties to the when selling iPhones. They have great know-how within both hardware design, software and technology (pure-view anyone?).

    How come, then, that Microsoft pay only $7.2 bn for Nokia, when they paid $8.5 bn for Skype, a software company that doesn’t even have a profitable business model. How come, then, that Microsoft pay only $7.2 bn for Nokia, men Google paid $12.5 bn for Motorola Mobility, which have a smaller globalmarket share for phones?

    Nokia seems to be getting a raw deal here…


    Jon Nilsen, Norway

    1. This is/was a great question and not one we got ’round to on this week’s episode (nothing personal – we ran out of time for *any* listener questions this week).

      I’ll speak to Stefan and make sure it gets covered in E65.

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