Episode 060

James flew all the way to Finland to record this episode of The Voicemail. No, not really, James really came here for a music festival, but either way, this is officially the first episode of the podcast recorded face to face! What did Stefan do to welcome James to The Land of 1,000 Lakes? Buy James three beers. And with that, let the discussion of the LG G2, HTC One, and Vodafone 4G LTE commence.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. If you use iTunes to listen to the program, do rate the show since it helps attract new listeners.

[Episode 060, 33 minutes, 37 seconds, 30.8 MB]

Episode 060

10 thoughts on “Episode 060

  1. Hi guys, I got my weekly email notice that The Voicemail was out but was surprised to see that I had removed the feed from my podcaster. Why would I do that, I thought. Oh yeah, I said, I remember. They suck!

    See what I did there. No nuance. “They suck” doesn’t tell anyone anything. But this is actually why I removed your feed. I’m a bit tired of hearing “it’s junk”, or “it’ll never fly”, etc.

    But, I thought, how bad can it be? So I downloaded this podcast and started listening. Pretty well your first judgement on the LG G2 was “…no one’s gonna buy this thing”. Sigh….

    “Nuuuu-aaance”. WHY is no one going to buy this thing? Or is this show for teenagers? If so, all power to you. I did not know. Sorry.

    1. I for one enjoy the candid responses – personally that’s why I enjoy the voicemail – indepth discussion but actual uncut opinions (which are pretty amusing). Anyway – horses for courses.

      No one buys LG’s, just look at them (mind you look at Samsung phones).

    2. In our defence, we didn’t actually pass judgement on the device (hard to do that when you’ve not had one to review).

      What Stefan actually said was that John Biggs, at TechCrunch, said “…’this phone is a sinker’ – because he knows that no one’s gonna buy this thing.”

      I asked Stefan if he was going to get one, his response was ‘Hell no, I don’t like LG’, and at this point I’m going to agree with you: we could’ve had a larger conversation about whether or it’d sell (or whether or not we agree with John Biggs).

      Shame to lose a listener, but we always appreciate the feedback.


      PS. For what it’s worth: we also ended up describing the LG G2 has having really smart hardware innovation, but with a poor Android skin. Additionally, if it goes on to be the Nexus 5, then ‘that will be a nice phone’.

      PPS. This is why we have comments and listener questions! ‘Hey guys, do you think the LG G2 will sell very well, if not – why not?’ šŸ˜€

      1. Even if you changed the launcher of an LG phone would you buy it? Such horrible builds and cheap components (hello camera) (I cant account for the G2 as I haven’t seen it of course). They build to meet specs and think that will get them sales.. guess what – its not. Gaaad its just such mediocrity.

  2. Al says:

    I scored a DC-16 at Comic-Con. It is very pocket friendly if I spend the day out without my backpack. However, it loses charge quickly. If I don’t use it within 8 hours, there will only be two bars left. With such a short shelf life, it is not very useful.

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