Episode 059

James straps a camera to his neck this week, HTC announces that they’re going to lose money for the first time in the company’s history, Samsung isn’t going to fix your waterproof phone if it gets water damage, and a whole bunch of listeners get their questions answered.

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[Episode 059, 36 minutes, 05 seconds, 33.0 MB]

Episode 059

3 thoughts on “Episode 059

  1. I’m going to stop saying ‘great episode’ at the beginning of my comments, cause you guys know it’s a great episode if I’m bothering to comment. 🙂

    In regards to the Samsung GS4 Active, the crazy thing about this is that they changed their story. (What follows is public information, btw). When it was first announced/released, they highlighted the waterPROOF part of it heavily. There’s even a special feature in the camera called ‘Aqua Mode’ wherein you can set the volume button as the shutter key, so you can use it underwater. It was designed specifically to work underwater – the original line was immersion in up to 3.28 ft of water for up to 30 minutes. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smaBv2CL3YY They then changed this AFTER the phone had launched, due to people (as you mentioned) reporting that the waterproofing didn’t quite work. So now, it’s only ‘water-resistant’ as though it should survive being splashed by a cannonball but not immersed in water (making the specially-added ‘Aqua Mode’ completely wasted).

    I personally believe that the exclusion of water damage in the warranty is a result of rushing the phone out and re-using as much content and materials from the Galaxy S 4 as they possibly could, but that’s personal opinion – not based on any facts or anything.

  2. The discussion of wearables in this episode (a great listen, as always) interested me. At the risk of getting bogged down in semantics, is there one or more characteristic that makes something a ‘wearable’ rather than a ‘mobile’ device? Is it as simple as it being permanently attached, like a wristband or a clip? What kind of experiences do you think lend themselves better to this ‘wearable’ form factor than being integrated into pocketable ‘mobile’ device?

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