Episode 057

Nokia’s Q2 2013 financial results are out, has Stephen Elop managed to turn the ship around? Google is holding an event next Wednesday, have all their announcements been already leaked? And plenty of reader questions. Finally.

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Also, if you have any questions or comments, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. The two will try their best to address your concerns.

[Episode 057, 31 minutes, 59 seconds, 29.2 MB]

Episode 057

2 thoughts on “Episode 057

  1. Thanks for taking my questions. And, and the reco for being a guest host again. I definitely enjoyed the time as James’ co-host.

    James, I’m East Cost USA šŸ˜‰

    Speaking from the homeless person question:
    – check out that story link. There were some interesting notes there about how it wasn’t so much service that was a problem (he did prepaid and sold his car to pay for the phone); it was power. The person interviewed talked about how getting into coffeeshops not just for the free WiFi for his BlackBerry, but also for the power. Very inventive in not just that fashion, but also in how he uses the mobile to stay looking more presentable for day-work.

    Speaking from the cross-industry question:
    – I don’t think its impossible to think that evolution across fields happens more often than not. Heck, I came from the web design/dev world into mobile (oh, so long ago), and am making a shift into another space (or few). I just wondered if that’s something that we should expect more often or not.

    – Nokia’s results weren’t good at all. Beating their expectations are one thing, but making noise about selling #s of phones in a quarter that the leading makers are donig in half a month (usually on fewer models), is a major issue. Does Nokia make major changes as a company before Nokia World in light of these results, or will they continue until purchased?

  2. By the way; it might not be much, but when I listen to the show via my N9 – yea, I rock that – I use an app that scrobbles the listen on last.fm yup, still use that too), then another service that reads my last.fm listens and posts those on Twitter. A little fun with wrangling the web my way.

    Here’s the link: http://www.last.fm/music/Stefan+Constantinescu/_/The+Voicemail:+Episode+057

    It might not be much to do it; but maybe making youselves official artists on something like last.fm would be another way to get listeners.


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