Episode 055

Will the Nokia EOS be called the 909? Will Motorola’s Moto X blow our minds away? Is life worth living in a world without Google Reader? All that and much more on this week’s episode, which was published a day late due to … incompetence.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. If you use iTunes to listen to this program, do rate it as it helps new listeners discover the sweet sound of James and Stefan bickering about mobile.

[Episode 055, 29 minutes, 33 seconds, 26.9 MB]

Episode 055

One thought on “Episode 055

  1. @ the 14 min mark, that diatribe about Nokia and the concentration on smartphones… there was no way for their management or logistical structure (between 2009-20now) to move to smartphone only. They were already in the process of moving from feature phones to smartphones… and proof of that transition is that Hildon was built to be that transition. Nokia didn’t want to be a mobile device maker (only), and there is some messed up commentary that keeps alluding to that. The fact is that Nokia wanted to be Google, but not in platform, in the transaction layer. That’s all.

    What the markets have tried to make Nokia to be isn’t what they were aiming for. Elop (in part) sees that. But, in an effort to correct his own mis-intrepretations of what Nokia should be. He set fire to the parts of their platform/services mentality that would have made this work.

    Nokia should have merged with Yahoo when they initially considered it. That would have been their way forward… though they would have needed an Elop to set fire to the redundant areas so that they would be able to move forward.

    Its not that hard to see IMO. But, I’m also weird 😉

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