Episode 054

This week, Stefan and James were given a challenge to talk about things they’re actually excited about. Do such objects even exist? Stefan also recounts the harrowing tale of his trip to London last week while James battles to stay awake. When James finally does get a chance to say something, he simply can’t stop gushing about his HTC One, which is in the news again thanks to it now being offered with stock Android.

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[Episode 054, 33 minutes, 11 seconds, 30.4 MB]

Episode 054

7 thoughts on “Episode 054

  1. Good work guys, and hey, if a USB stick with two connectors is exciting, you totally should totally talk about it. I don’t tune in for you to tell me what you think your audience wants to hear – I tune in to hear what you want to talk about. So keep doing that.

  2. Nothing like a good rant-session to make you feel a bit better about listening to a podcast. That’s in part what I tune in for. A few comments, then a question for the next show.

    That Samsung story was indeed interesting. Though, I have to ask, “what do you expect?” Windows Phone hasn’t shown more than homescreen and Exchange items as key differentiation points, at least when measured against the “app economy.” Should we expect a Samsung WP play to be as “needy” as a Nokia one?

    USB-OTG is a marvelous feature. Shame that more devices didn’t use it. What’s the diff between a USB stick with two connectors and a USB cable with one? Is that USB stick both male and female on both ends for the two types of connectors? If so, that’s indeed something different than the norm. Though Stefan, am surprised that a roll-up monitor isn’t top on your lust-list given your screen fetish đŸ˜‰

    Saw the HTC One. I get it. Its still the same blah Android experience, w/Flipboard added on. Really weird how HTC didn’t rip and improve SmartActions. That’s the kind of feature that would have gone along with both of their former marketing strategies. James, I don’t see you with the One this time next year. In part because its not polished enough, and also because I’ve got a sense that you really want WinPhone to evolve to at least where your 808 is in terms of both hardware (camera, battery) and software (seems WP really fit your usages).

    Samsung has too many mobiles. If they only released the Galaxy S4 Active as the sole device, they’d have a lot better brand success. For as much as they are doing what Nokia did in terms of hitting several spots at once. Devices with improved battery, durability specs, and simple color options seem to be attractive the world over. And given the S-tech they keep pushing, as a halo/lead device, it would have made that push so much easier. Product planning is both an art and a science.

    Given how long both of you have been involved with web, mobile, and social behaviors and technologies, do you think that its time we hold vets in these spaces to a higher bar in terms of becoming more embedded into these industries? Meaning, should we expect journalists to become developers, marketers to become teachers, etc. and the tools they promote to evolve with them? Or, should web/mobile/social vets continue the conversations of speeds and feeds until *innovation* happens?

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      GAH! I only just saw this now. Remind me to tackle these questions next week (July 11/12).

  3. Mark says:

    It was obvious last week that the one day trip to the Samsung event in London from Finland was going to be more pain than pleaure but still an entertaining tale.

    I don’t really get the excitement about the 2 connector USB stick.

    For moving files with Android, “ES File Explorer” meets all needs in my view. It will also work in a purely OSX environment, not just via SMB.

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