Episode 053

Stefan is about to leave for an event in London, James is thrilled about Microsoft’s new XBOX 180, and Nokia is going to hold an event next month to announce the camera phone the world has been waiting for. Unfortunately, however, it runs Windows Phone.

As always, feedback is appreciated and welcome. If you have any question you’d like to hear answered on the program, do leave a comment below or get in touch with either James and Stefan.

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[Episode 053, 32 minutes, 14 seconds, 29.5 MB]

Episode 053

2 thoughts on “Episode 053

  1. Hi,

    First off, I’ve been a long-time listener of this podcast. Never commented because I felt like I had nothing to add. But, for the past couple of shows, it’s become a lot more, I don’t know, “less meaty”. Ep 50 onwards, it’s just become more whiny, forgive my usage of the word. I really like you guys and this podcast. Would love it if you could probably cover more news items, or do something that actually justifies me spending 30 mins of my time listening to your show.

    I really don’t mean to troll, would have sent this as a personal message if I could have, but can’t, so you’re free to moderate/edit this out. Just wanted to get this across to you.

    Anyway, best of luck guys. As I said above, have enjoyed this podcast for a long, long time now. Looking forward to do the same in the future.

    1. Hey Shibesh, this is great feedback, thank you. We’ve just hit our year anniversary and if we’ve started to whine and wane, then it’s great that our audience – you – are able to point it out and tell us.

      Duly noted; we’ll do better. Please feel free to add more commentary around what parts of the earlier episodes you really enjoyed, and we’ll do our best to bring those elements back.

      Thanks again,


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