Episode 051

On this week’s episode, James and Stefan realize they’ve been recording the show for a year. They also realize that nothing of any major significance happened between the last episode and this one, which made for some awkward silences and terrible puns.

But don’t worry, next week is WWDC and E3. The 20th is Samsung’s day. And Microsoft has something up their sleeves for the 26th. There should be plenty to talk about then.

As always, if you use iTunes to listen to the show, please do rate it as it helps new users find the program. And if you have any feedback or questions, do leave a comment below.

[Episode 051, 28 minutes, 13 seconds, 25.8 MB]

Episode 051

6 thoughts on “Episode 051

  1. olivier says:

    Congrats guys! I really like your podcast, except when you waste time responding stupid things to a stupid troll.

  2. robinottawa says:

    Enjoyed your ramblings as always. Like sitting in a bar with you two and just listening while I sip a beer. Great way to get a mobile education.

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