Episode 049

James is back from his holiday, and Stefan’s mom is back in Texas. On this week’s episode, the two talk about the new Jolla phone, and whether or not it stands a chance; HTC’s problem retaining key employees, and what that means for the future of the company; Samsung’s dominance; and finally, the Xbox One.

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[Episode 049, 36 minutes, 04 seconds, 33.0 MB]

Episode 049

12 thoughts on “Episode 049

  1. robinottawa says:

    Yes, Steve Litchfield said the S4 cam is nearly as good as the 808’s. I disagreed with many of his scores. The post processing of the S4 was cartoonish in many shots and Steve seemed to focus on the downsampled images (the full shot) which he doesn’t usually do. I suspect he found something he liked about the shots and it threw him off being his normal objective self.

  2. robinottawa says:

    While I’m here, allow me to give you a hard time for your pimps and hos comment. It’s like you have no women in your life (which I think isn’t true) and don’t know how disrespectful it is. It made me think of the 361degre.es guys who spoke out against having “booth babes” at events because, well, it insults women AND men everywhere. That was classy.

    1. Our ‘pimps and hos’ comment was in relation to the garish combination of colours that would be made up if you took the new purple variant of the S4 and packed it into a yellow case. It was mocking the (perceived / TV visual of) stereotypical pimps. That’s it. If that – along with Stefan pretending to be to be one – offends you, then go listen to another podcast.

      To Stefan’s point: it was a joke.

      1. robinottawa says:

        Why would I go somewhere else when I can give you a hard time? I’m sure you don’t really mind feedback. Can’t take it? Don’t let me post. πŸ˜‰

  3. I was really disappointed to hear your initial impressions on Jolla, I was holding out hope for something new. I have been an Android user for 5 years and miss the days of rapid improvement and changes, and have been looking for that once again. There have been alot of new mobile os announcements (Jolla, Tizen, Firefox, Ubuntu, etc), do you think any of them will gain market-share on the high-end? I guess my question is, where will I be able to go if I leave Android?
    Thanks guys enjoy the podcast!

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      Get a Nexus, and watch it get updated every six months. Best advice I can offer you. If you love apps, but don’t have a lot of money, buy an iPad too.

  4. The Nokian says:

    You`re calling Jolla dead on arrival? You guys are surely joking? The freedom and the flexibility of the open source Jolla craps all over the restricted walled-garden of Apple. Your blind bias is obvious in every one of your venomous attacks on Nokia. Try to open your mind and stop being blinded by hate, it is well documented that Apple has been on a downward spiral ever since your pal Jobsie bit the dust. I suggest you do some research first. You trust Apple and Google with your privacy? I`m choking with laughter. Only with open source projects such as Jolla where the user is in control (not some douchebag in Cupertino) can you be safe, The ignorance of you is astounding. Please wake the hell up to save your integrity and stop being a part of the journalistic establishment on the payroll of Apple and Google,

      1. While I don’t agree with the tone of Nokian’s comment, I must say that you guys were probably a bit too harsh with Jolla. Being a Nokia N9 user since it came out in Switzerland, I have high hopes for this company and yes, I did preorder. I’m sorry to say but Android is not my cup of coffee and neither is the iPhone (after all, I’m a Linux Fanboy). I do have a Galaxy S3 to play with it and I find it a strange piece of hardware. It is just too thin to hold it and I all too often hit one of the buttons on the bottom by accident.
        Though Jolla is pretty secretive about this “Other Half” thing, I think if the rumours about extensible hardware (e.g. a cover with QWERTY or with better camera) would be something new, if not to say revolutionary. I’m pretty confident that Jolla can at least find their niche and hopefully reach break-even.
        Well, we will see how it turns out, whether you guys were right that Jolla is “Dead On Arrival” or not. Time will tell. Still, I’d like to have a phone with a newer version of Meego, Sailfish that is.

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