Episode 048

Stefan survived the 57 hour Google I/O keynote and spends the first half of this week’s episode talking about why it was a disappointment. The second half of the show was dominated by James, speaking about Nokia’s new phones for Europe and America, and why you shouldn’t discount Hipstamatic. There’s also two user questions at the end about Google, are they starting to be too creepy?

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[Episode 048, 35 minutes, 28 seconds, 32.5 MB]

Episode 048

4 thoughts on “Episode 048

  1. “So what? Everyone uses Instagram.”

    Riiiight. Well, I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now, and enjoy it quite a bit. But why would you say things like that? Hmmmm. Is it irony? I hope so, but it’s SO subtle! 😉

    My point is that if you don’t see any way for the consumer to get past the status quo, then why discuss anything? What are my options? What are the tradeoffs? Inquiring minds like to know.

    1. Do you mean your options on what device to purchase? On what your eco-system of choice allows you to do and not do? We’re more than happy to talk about that if you want us to – just ask the question! 😉

      1. Hi James, I meant Instagram in this case. Because that was what you (Stefan actually quoted above) mentioned. But mentioning something like Instagram and not telling me where you think it sits in the market is just teasing. That’s what I meant to say. Thanks.

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