Nokia Lumia 620

People keep on asking Stefan when he’s going to publish his Nokia Lumia 620 review. Well, DHL just came by his office to pick it up, so he thought to himself this would be the perfect time to talk into the microphone for 20 minutes about his experience of going to back to Windows Phone.

And for those of you wonder where James is, don’t worry, he’ll be on this week. Promise.

[Nokia Lumia 620 Review, 20 minutes, 17 seconds]

Nokia Lumia 620

8 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 620

  1. mrlacey says:

    Hi Stefan.
    Interesting thoughts and opinions. Without wanting to sound like an apologist (full disclosure: but I am a Nokia Developer Champion) I think this just wasn’t the right phone for you. I think you would have appreciated a high spec Lumia device better. While I like the 620, I wouldn’t want it as my primary device.

    Without digging into every point you made I will acknowledge that the OS hasn’t come as far as it could have since it was launched and most apps are far from being as good as they should be. I do think your summation is worth addressing though. You say it’s an average phone and better than any Android at the same price point. I think that’s the point of the device. There are lots of people who don’t want the top of the range and buy devices based on what’s available within their price range. So this is the best device that’s available to them. The sales figures, while still not in the 8 figures per month (or even quarter), and the feedback I’m hearing from stores suggest that these phones are proving very popular though.

    On a previous podcast when you mentioned you first had the device, you said your first impression was that the OS felt more like a feature phone than a smartphone. Can you elaborate?

  2. Kallisticker says:

    I got the Nokia 808 only for the camera! (The real offline navigation is a big plus.)

    But there are way too many “if only Microsoft would” concerning Windows Phone to enjoy even a higher spec device like the Lumia 920 these days. Microsoft is holding back the hardware manufacturers (i.e. mainly Nokia) as well as the developers as the customers. That’s a loose-loose-loose business.

    1. Mind if I edit your comment to correct the loose/lose fail?

      …and yes, I still use my 808 purely for the camera – it’s incredible (and still the best in the biz).

  3. Not that it will surprise anyone, but I really enjoyed this one, though towards the end it got rather somber.

    I do like the way you setup *why* ignoring the U.S. market was such a fail for Nokia. It’s not because the U.S. market is the end-all-be-all (though clearly it is, lol….), but rather because *most* developers, especially for the ‘key’ platforms/apps, live in the U.S.

    I did take offense to your statement that Windows Phone hasn’t changed since the Lumia 800, aside from the smaller tiles. Having used both the Lumia 800 and then the Lumia 920, I was surprised by all of the little under-the-hood changes that were apparent from Windows Phone 7.x to Windows Phone 8. You still get to the same conclusion, but I guess I feel like credit should be given where credit is due.

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