Episode 045

Stefan gets a Windows Phone to play with for two weeks and spends way too much time talking about it, HTC runs into some issues with Nokia over super secret advanced French microphone technology, and Apple announces that they’ve shipped over 10 million smartphones a month (on average) during the first three months of 2013. All that and much more on this week’s episode!

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[Episode 045, 33 minutes 27 seconds, 30.6 MB]

Episode 045

6 thoughts on “Episode 045

  1. Imo, Android isn’t a phone-friendly platform. It’s great as a data based one. My thoughts after having the kindle fire HD is that Android as a tablet makes way more sense. To that end, reminds me of a very refined Nokia Maemo platform. But hey, I’m just a fan…

    Windows Phone is a feature phone platform… ouch. But can’t deny that in done respects that’s exactly what it feels like. Wonder if there is anyone who can use a vanilla iPhone and not say the same thing 😉

    Nice show as usual guys.

  2. Paul Stevenson says:

    Fellas, a question for your next podcast – could, or when will, Google overstep the creepy mark?

    Google Now. Google proclaim it stops just short of being creepy. I think we’re all agreed that it is fantastic? Now, with the continued rumours of the next Motorola phone being able to predict what you’re going to want to do next, or other phones that could listen to your conversations, I think there will come a point that it becomes too much. Firstly, do you agree? Secondly, what do you think the general reaction will be when Google makes it more obvious to the general public just how much of our data they have at their disposal?


  3. Paul Stevenson says:

    And one more thing…

    Can you please ensure anyone from the industry knows that we all really want is a phone battery that comfortably lasts a whole, funking, day! How hard can it be? James, how does the One battery holding up for you?

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