Episode 044

Did you know that WhatsApp is bigger than Twitter in terms of users and it processes more messages than Facebook? That’s just one of the many news items James and Stefan discuss this week. They also talk about Android’s latest activation numbers, the UK Galaxy S4 launch, Chat Heads coming to iOS, and the “not black enough” Sony Xperia Z.

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[Episode 044, 31 minutes 10 seconds, 28.5 MB]

Episode 044

4 thoughts on “Episode 044

  1. rcadden says:

    Great show as always. A few points/questions/feedbacks

    1. You both state that you don’t really live a ‘Facebook-centric’ life – are there other services for which you WOULD install their ‘Home’ app – Google+, Twitter, etc. What features would you keep/drop/etc?

    2. The Android activations are interesting – when I upgrade CyanogenMod on my Nexus 4, I often have to re-flash the gApps package, which requires me to setup and activate my Google account *again*. Do you think that’s being counted as a new ‘activation’ or do you think Google is somehow detecting my IMEI instead?

    3. James – stop yawning

    4. As I listened to James yawning and referencing his girlfriend in the background, it struck me that you guys should record this as a Google+ hangout while you’re recording the audio. Might be kinda interesting.

    5. I’d love to hear you guys talk about accessories more – which ones are you using/have tried, which ones do you love/hate, etc? Surely you’re not both using your phones ‘naked’ with just the built-in speakers all the time.

    1. Hey Ricky, thanks for the comments – as ever. In response:

      1. I think I said it on the podcast; If anything, I live a Google-centric life. Therefore I use Android as the OS of choice. Sticking to one ‘app-as-OS’ though? That’s not for me.

      2. I was thinking about this too. I swap phones fairly often, and have to activate the same as you. Where/how could we find this information, one wonders?

      3. It was 7am. Do one.

      4. Nope. No video, ever.

      5. That’s a good question and we’ll put it on the shared doc for next week.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast, as always 🙂 My thoughts on HTC….

    I pre-ordered a Desire-Z when first announced some time in the spring, it was November by the time I got it. One year after that HTC were done with the Z, no more updates to come and a year left on my contract. Thanks HTC.

    To make matters worse it had a nasty locked bootloader which was a pain. Eventually I got Cyanogenmod installed but it would always be the older version as HTC never released any updated kernel drivers.

    I now have a Nexus 4 as Google have supported previous Nexus devices for much longer than a year. It doesn’t matter what nice shiny HTC produce if I can’t count on them to support it for the duration of my contract. I’m done with them.


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