Episode 043

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8.0 this week in both the UK and the US, and Stefan thinks you’re an idiot if you buy one. Samsung also announced two new phones, the Mega 5.8 and Mega 6.3, and James thinks they’re the most ridiculous things to ever come off an assembly line. The two also talk about wearable computing, the useless pile of code that’s called Google+, and China.

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[Episode 043, 32 minutes 42 seconds, 29.9 MB]

Episode 043

3 thoughts on “Episode 043

  1. rcadden says:

    GREAT podcast this week gents. A few notes/comments:

    1. Google Glass = James, you mentioned that the price was your biggest barrier – I’m interested to know what price would need to be for you to be interested? What’s your ‘breaking point’?

    2. Google+ Case Study = I was recently shown some documents that Google shares as tips and tricks and whatnot for businesses. It was really interesting to me because it was all written as though Google+ is your only platform. Setup exclusives, etc, but the ‘posting guidelines’ recommended only posting 1x/day or every other day, which I found hilarious (our guidance at RadioShack was to post 2x/day to Facebook and up to 8x/day to Twitter, from those platforms, respectively).

    3. Google Play contest – I entered, cause who doesn’t want free Nexus stuff? However, having run a few similar contests before, I found the whole thing fascinating. For starters, they could totally execute this on Google+ – the technology is there, even if they don’t use Google-only capabilities. It’s a simple hashtag search and circle verification for your winners. So, for starters, they didn’t use their platform even though their platform *as-is* is perfectly capable. They also executed a Twitter promotion in the worst way possible – like Google+, it’s a simple hashtag search – even easier on Twitter, as there are HUNDREDS of tools that can export the results of a hashtag search to Excel for manipulation. The fact that they used an entry form was hysterical to me.

  2. Ok, I get the thoughts about Android tablets, but to cite the Nexus tablets add some hallmark of use or design seems to miss the markets response. They don’t care about the brand of a tablet unless its an iPad. They care about the price but that also speaks to what Jobs said about making a cheap Apple device, they can’t.

    The Google lawsuit is a farce. You don’t need Googles services to do Android. Those manufacturers are basically playing a jealous card where they were not fast enough to respond to Androids growth. If the industry wasn’t a mess already. Just make unique and great products and you don’t have these issues.

    Good show as usual guys. Thanks for provoking a comment from me 😉

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