Episode 028

This week James is pretty sick, so we decided to record a bit earlier than usual. What did we talk about? A new phone from Russia with two screens, Google Maps coming back to iOS, some positive HTC news for a change, and we spend the last act of the show talking about our favorite devices of the year.

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[Episode 028, 31 minutes 34 seconds, 28.9 MB]

Episode 028

3 thoughts on “Episode 028

  1. Thanks for the shout out guys, loving the voicemail this year.

    this is a bit of a negative look at the mobile market but we always talk about what is the best phone etc (and I’m with you guys it depends on the person).
    So my question to you is “If you had to condemn your worst enemy to a smartphone which one would it be?”

    Have a great xmas and new year

  2. Stephen D'souza says:

    Question for the next Ep: If you could customize a phone with the best mobile tech of 2012, what features would it have?
    Mine would be a HTX 8x body, with a iPhone 5 (retina display) or HTC Droid DNA(1080p display), a Nokia 808 Pureview camera, running stock android(full fledged Google Now) and the battery life of the Galaxy Note II/Razr Maxx HD.

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