Episode 027

On this week’s episode: Nokia announced a $249 Windows Phone 8 handset, is it going to fly off store shelves? Apple is going to start making stuff in America, are they doing it for the publicity? Instagram and Twitter are fighting, why are these two companies acting like children? SMS turns 20, The Daily shuts down, and James calls a woman a cow.

No reader questions, sadly, so please do leave us a comment below if you’d like us to talk about something specific next week. If you have any feedback, that’s also appreciated. Oh and one more thing: If you use iTunes, rate the show, it helps new listeners find us. We only have 10 ratings so far, which is kind of sad, but at least they’re all 5 stars!

[Episode 027, 34 minutes 37 seconds, 31.7 MB]

Episode 027

One thought on “Episode 027

  1. Noted a few things.

    In regards to the Twitter/Instagram thing, I don’t think you guys made it clear, but this was INSTAGRAM’S doing, not Twitter’s. The ‘Twitter Cards’ thing is something that publishers can toggle on and off, and must include some metadata to support on their site.

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