Episode 025

James is now one year older, but is he any wiser? Stefan spent a day at a conference about startups. Did you know that Stefan hates startups? But seriously, there’s little to no news this week, other than Jolla finally showing the world what they’ve been working. So tune in, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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[Episode 025, 32 minutes 14 seconds, 29.5 MB]

Episode 025

3 thoughts on “Episode 025

  1. Ah, the RAZR! I was working in phone retail when it launched and was in the flagship store in a major city. The build up to the launch was crazy and we had a massive amount of pre-orders, despite the fact that it was £200 up front on no matter what contract.

    The phones came in that morning via some incredibly convoluted delivery involving men in full riot gear style outfits. All the staff excitedly cracked open the demo handsets and popped sims in.

    A silence descended on the branch as furrowed brows looked down at the screens. After 5 minutes a solitary voice popped up and said what we all wanted to say.

    “This is actually complete shit.”

  2. Stephen Dsouza says:

    Damn you Stefan.
    I had settled on buying a Galaxy Nexus (from the grey market since its not officially released in India yet, and the Nexus 4 is rumoured to cost twice as much), but now that you mentioned the iPhone 4 (mostly for better battery life), I’m a bit confused.
    But then i started listening to the earlier episodes and you mentioned the iPhone 4 isn’t great when online and synced all the time as opposed to an android, and I’m even more confused.
    But as you say, its down to personal usage and choice which differs. So I’m either going to have a proper think or just flip a coin.

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