Episode 024

The Nexus 4 goes on sale … for about 30 minutes, HTC and Apple have agreed to stop suing each other over patents, Nokia Maps is now called “Here”, the guy who was responsible for getting Windows 8 out the door has been fired, and more reader questions than we’ve ever received in the history of this podcast. You’ll want to listen to this one!

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[Episode 024, 35 minutes 44 seconds, 32.7 MB]

Episode 024

2 thoughts on “Episode 024

  1. Mark says:

    As far as I know, all current Blackberry phones need the “special” Blackberry service for most data related functions.

    There are ways round this but you loose much functionality and most of what users like about a Blackberry.

    Operators sell this as a Blackberry add on.

    Perhaps you don’t really care about Blackberry, and perhaps that is the right viewpoint considering how things are going for RIM but I feel you should know !

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