Episode 021

This week was mental. Apple launched a smaller iPad, a newer new iPad, and a retina 13 inch MacBook Pro. Microsoft launched a Windows machine that doesn’t run all your old Windows software. EE launched a 4G LTE network that only rich people can use. Everything there is to know about Google’s Android event next week got leaked. And our list of listener questions filled up quite a few number of binders.

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[Episode 021, 31 minutes 45 seconds, 29 MB]

Episode 021

7 thoughts on “Episode 021

  1. Nice to listen to, as always, but I was struck by the offhandedness with which you dismissed tablets other than the ipad. There are, actually, a lot of reasons why somebody would want to buy a tablet other than an iPad:

    – not wanting to use itunes for handling media (e.g. to avoid the problems this brings with larger music collections)
    – watching video without transcoding it first
    – having a file system that enables cooperation between applications on a local data level
    – multitasking that is not limited to vendor-implemented background services
    – being able to install apps from various sources, including alternative app stores
    – paying ~50€ for 64GB additional storage on a SD card instead of 200€ above base price
    – the possibility to connect peripherals via a standard USB port
    – having a choice regarding size, shape and color of the tablet
    – not contributing to creating a monopoly that is tightly locked down and curtails user and developer freedoms for profit, design aesthetic or any other reason that pleases Apple

  2. Listening on to the episode:
    It’s not odd at all that Apple kept the ipad2 as the cheaper alternative instead of switching to the ipad3.
    The ipad2 has lower component costs compared to the ipad4 (screen, battery, RAM), while the processor upgrade in the ipad4 doesn’t change the cost structure much. The new processor should fit on virtually the same die size as the previous one thanks to a decrease in process size and, given equal yields, cost the same. Apple usually keeps older models around for lower prices because they can sustain their margins on them. This would not be the case for the ipad3 as a lower-price model.
    Additionally, the ipad4 runs off the same production line as the ipad3,which will only have to be modified slightly. The ipad2 is on a different line- which has been running for close to two years now, with all production kinks worked out. Trading the cheaper production (another part of keeping the margins) on this for producing two different models (connector, processor) on the same line, with reduced capacity for the newer model doesn’t really make much sense.

  3. rcadden says:

    With regards to the iPad hoopla, I haven’t noticed anyone mentioning that the iPad lineup now essentially matches the Macbook lineup. Here’s two screenshots from the presentation that illustrate this:

    iPad – http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ipad_line-up_price_2012-580×386.jpeg

    MacBook – http://cultofmac.cultofmaccom.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Screen-Shot-2012-10-23-at-1.25.37-PM.jpg

    Essentially, you have the iPad mini and the MacBook Air playing for ‘entry level’ – smaller, lighter, etc. You then have last year’s model playing the mid-tier (iPad 2 and MacBook Pro). At the top end, you have this year’s model (iPad with Retina Display and MacBook Pro with Retina Display). In that light, it makes alot of sense to eliminate the New iPad (or iPad 3, whatever you want to call it).

    I also have to agree with above – there are lots of reasons to get a tablet other than the iPad (and I have an iPad). Some people have a firm hatred for Apple, others (like me) have a passionate hatred for iTunes, etc.

    Another thing I’d like to hear Stefan/James discuss is “what’s the most leaked handset of all time?”

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