Episode 019

James and Stefan answered quite a number of listener questions this week, but not before discussing the news! Samsung announced a smaller version of the Galaxy S III, is it any good? Leaked photos of the next Nexus phone have surfaced, is it a handsome device? HTC can’t seem to make any money, is it because their phones aren’t competitive enough? You’ll want to tune into this one, though a small warning: James is sick, so he may cough from time to time.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. If you use iTunes, please do rate us!

[Episode 019, 32 minutes 42 seconds, 29.9 MB]

Episode 019

3 thoughts on “Episode 019

  1. Hey guys, great episode. A few points:

    1. Yes, Samsung has essentially killed the ‘Galaxy’ brand.
    2. AT&T getting an exclusive on the Lumia 920 means nothing – they’ll just give Verizon the 922 or 921 or whatever. BB does it all the freakin time, Samsung used to do it, it’s par for the course. Don’t be surprised to see Verizon launch what is essentially a Lumia 920 with a different number. (Note: I work for RadioShack, but have no ‘inside’ information about this. Just looking at how carriers and manufacturers have done it for years)

    And now, my question for next week: Why do you think there hasn’t been a Motorola Nexus device? Motorola basically launched Android in the U.S. thanks to its ‘DROID’ partnership with Verizon (all of the DROID branded handsets have been Motorola, with a few exceptions), and Google owns them now. I personally would MUCH rather see a Motorola-designed Nexus device than an LG one (has LG *ever* made a desirable handset? EVER?

    1. Hey Ricky, thanks for listening – as ever!

      That’s a great shout re the 920 y’know. They’ve already done something similar with the 820/822 – Great shout indeed. I didn’t think of that.

      Question noted for next week also (although I’m fairly sure we’ve addressed it before, we can certainly address it again).

  2. Hey James and Stefan.. I’m an Avid fan and a listener of The Voicemail podcast, don’t know if Stefan still remembers from the OpenLab back in Finland. I have a question for the next episode. I want to know your thoughts on the Microsoft Surface Pricing and want to know from Stefan what he meant on his tweet regarding the price of the Surface for $500 and his interest? I think Microsoft has failed to market Windows 8 properly. Its not just a Tablet and its Metro UI style. You can still have the Normal Windows 7 functionality and familiarity, Metro UI is optional. I think Windows 8 is an evolution of the PC in which you can have both touch and the regular windows in one device. That leads to my question on why the lost of interest for the $500 pricing. If you have a Macbook or a Macbook Pro which is we know is more than $1000. The iPad is for the same price as the Surface but can’t do both iOS and OSX and also has no expandable memory and HDMI support. I think the Microsoft Surface is competing more against the Apple Mac Notebooks and not their iPad. Looking fwd to your thoughts keep up the good work and more power to you guys!

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