Episode 018

The week James is one angry bastard thanks to several recent events that have taken place in the UK. Stefan, being his nonchalant self, tries to sooth the frustration, anguish, and torment that James experiences during their conversation. The two also discuss Nokia’s supposed plan to sell their head office, Microsoft’s official date and time for the Windows Phone 8 launch, Jolla, and of course a couple of reader questions.

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[Episode 018, 29 minutes 24 seconds, 26.9 MB]

Episode 018

4 thoughts on “Episode 018

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks to Steve retweeting this podcast, new for me. Too lazy to listen older podcasts, but subscribing on my N9->

    p.s. Makes me smile or laugh maniacally when hearing on-contract/locked phone. I just go and buy unlocked 920 for ~599€ and insert my old sim which has REALLY unlimited data (5€/m). BOOM!
    Same time in US you need like what, 100$ plan, haha.

  2. James – The reason EE have a head start is due to the bickering between all networks each trying to get an advantage. Id suspect the collective thinking was, if none of the networks had 4G, continual delays suited them all, allowing them to milk the 3G cashcow for longer. Vodafone and O2 are not blameless and contributed to the auction delay until now, all VERY frustrating. This link gives some info on the whole reidiculous merry-go-round: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/06/15/ofcom_4g/

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