Episode 014

This week Stefan had a little bit too much to drink, James gave him a lot of shit for it, and Nokia showed off two Windows Phone 8 devices. That and there’s the new Kindles, which these guys couldn’t talk about in detail because Amazon’s keynote was taking place during the recording. Oh and Motorola made another phone with a battery the size of a Gutenberg Bible.

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[Episode 014, 32 minutes 49 seconds, 30.1 MB]

Episode 014

2 thoughts on “Episode 014

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the episode (as always). Well done chaps!

    You two often comment on the physical design, materials and build of new gadgets. I think it would be fun to hear your thoughts or ideas on the future of mobile gadget design. Currently all OEMs seem to have settled on various mixtures of glass, plastic and metal. What ever happened to that rumoured ceramic stuff people expected the SGS3 to have? Or those bendy, shape-shifting concepts like Nokia Morph?

    1. Hey James, that’s a great comment. Next week we’re going to be pretty full on with Apple news, but I reckon we could squeeze this in. If not, we’ll put in for episode 16.

      Appreciate the warm feedback, cheers 🙂

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