Episode 012

James is currently in Africa hunting wild animals, so this week Stefan sits down to talk with Ricky Cadden. The two of them tackle issues such as crack addiction, Nikon’s first camera to be powered by Android, what does the world look like after touch input, Twitter’s API changes, and America’s growing obsession with prepaid wireless service.

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[Episode 012, 37 minutes 59 seconds, 34.8 MB]

Episode 012

6 thoughts on “Episode 012

  1. Hey guys, great episode –

    Random notes that I made while listening:

    1. Tell Ricky he needs a decent mic!

    2. Tell Stefan he was totally right in getting us both to invest in high-grade mics

    3. Nikon. ‘Ne-kon’ or ‘Nigh-kon’ – weird pronunciations.

    4. Why are Nikon using Android? What a re actual benefits? Can I instagram my photos? Would I want to? Will we see Nikon-specific apps? I MUST KNOW MORE.

    5. Connected devices: ecosystems

    6. I LOVE Ricky’s point about the QWERTY interface, makes TOTAL sense.

    That’s all I got. Actually, no it isn’t. I drew this ace picture of you both while I was listening too —

    Stefan & Ricky: Episode 012 of The Voicemail

    1. neat show guys. Don’t think many folks will go for modular device systems. It has high costs to the user in terms of engaging devices. Also people don’t do multiple device management so well.

      Interesting the thoughts on the Asus Padfone. Would have thought you both have high opinions on it given how you both talk about how you use Android.

      Interesting on prepaid thoughts. Am using simple mobile and have similar thoughts and usage. 40/month for unlimited everything and having no issues w/2GB limits (as i don’t hit it ever). See prepaidphonenews.com for more. 4g in the USA can be done w/simple mobile, TMobile, and a few others who aren’t cdma folks.

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