Episode 008

This week James and Stefan talk about Google’s aquistion of Sparrow, Apple’s recent financial results, the Pebble smartwatch and how Kickstarter is a scam, the newest version of Mac OS X, and finally … Google+ of all things.

If you can rate us on iTunes, that’d be great. But what we’d REALLY like to see are comments from you. Do you like the show? What should we change? Let us know!

[Episode 008, 34 minutes 43 seconds, 31.8 MB]

Episode 008

3 thoughts on “Episode 008

  1. Your Google+ point is interesting, since getting the Nexus 7 and the SGS3 I’ve started using it a huge amount more. It’s slowly, very slowly, pulling me away from Facebook.

    1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

      Same question to you that I asked James: Do your friends, as in the people you eat, drink, and talk about your sex life with, use Google+? Probably not. Just last night my girlfriend asked me if Google+ was Orkut!

      1. To be really honest, no. But a few the people I would WANT to eat, drink and talk about my sex life to do use it.

        I weigh up what I’m doing or what I want to say and that determines where I post. There’s certain things I wouldn’t say on Facebook that I’d happily post on Twitter and things that’d generate more conversation on Google+ than it would on Twitter.

        Like James said, there’s a very ‘Jaiku-esque’ vibe to Google+ and I’ve got very fond memories of that place.

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