Episode 007

Nokia’s Q2 2012 financial results are out! James and Stefan talk about the numbers. Spoiler: They’re bad, but surprisingly not as bad as many of us were expecting. We also discuss mobile gaming and the memories we had growing up. Where exactly is Mario these days? And finally we answer a reader question about corporate email, because … well, someone has to talk about that sort of stuff. It may as well be us.

[Episode 007, 34 minutes 30 seconds, 31.7 MB]

Episode 007

2 thoughts on “Episode 007

  1. I understand that phones look better without buttons/dpad. But think how much better a phone would be with buttons to play games with. Personally I dont know how anyone can play anything but casual games on a touchscreen. GTA/FPS games? impossible/just not fun without at least a d pad? Surely a dpad could be incorporated at the bottom the screen (far more useful than a pointless capacitive button).

  2. I’ve scrawled this down while listening again so it’ll probably be a bit patchy but here goes!

    Jelly Bean; Lovely update, so fast and smooth. I miss Google Now when I’m on my SGS3 and it makes me wish the Nexus 7 had 3G.

    The Xbox/WP7 link; Isn’t it just the same now on all platforms? Android has the ‘My Xbox Live’ app which seems to me to have the same functionality as the built in WP7 integration. Microsoft have launched Kinectimals onto Android too, is that they testing the water for more Xbox based games to come to a rival platform?

    James mentioned GTA3 and it looks amazing these days. Did they update the graphics, I don’t remember it looking this good on my PS1! It’s horrible to control though and I’ll come back to this later.

    Nintendo have major issues with this coming generation. When the Wii launched it was a) unique, b) full of promise and c) cheap. We’re now seeing motion control on all the console formats, it’s more often than not a bit shit, the Wii wasn’t really home to many blockbusters and there’s no way the Wii U is going to launch at under £200, like the Wii.

    IMO they should have entirely ditched the Wii brand and everything that identify it, such as the Mii characters. Just walk away from it all, there’s too many negative connotations.

    Vita; Dying on it’s arse not due to it being a poor device but because of greedy developers and publishers. Games that are $1-5 on the App Store are being ported to the Vita and sold for £25+. Angry Birds is coming out on the Vita for £30! Stefan mentioned 3G being there, it is but it’s hardly a sell point, it seems unnecessarily crammed in. A 3G network infrastructure is useless for gaming on and, coming from a different angle, using it as a web browser is an exercise in futility.

    Gaming on mobiles for me is a difficult subject. I’m not adverse to casual gaming, I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, New Star Soccer and the such. The games that are lauded for being the best games on mobile are very shallow experiences though. I regularly hear people get excited about Infinity Blade. Yes, it looks great but it’s just you swiping the screen like on the above 3. I like my gaming to be a deeper experience though and these experiences need a control pad. Touch screens are just completely useless for any sort of game that needs more precise controls.

    Case in point is Dead Trigger. It’s on both iOS and Android and it’s absolutely gorgeous, with great gameplay too. It’s a FPS though and touch controls on shooters is a completely horrible thing that no one should be subjected to.The same goes for GTA3, Shadowgun and a whole raft of games that are coming out that can offer a similar experience to console gaming. The touch controls ruin these games. However, you can plug in a PS3 pad to an Android device and instantly these games become infinitely better.

    Until a real controller solution for mobile devices is introduced I just can’t see them replacing dedicated gaming consoles.

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